Monday, 21 April 2014

Four Counties Ring Day 3, Rugeley to Weston

Early morning 'Koke walk', with nearby power station shrouded in (probably partly self-generated) mist.

Old wharf building (probably) opposite our mooring place is for sale and would make good development project. One for the lottery win list, methinks.

No shortage of ducklings at this time of year.

Stopped at St Augustine's Church to look for/at grave of Christina Collins, who was murdered in 1839 and found in the Canal.

Just after Rugeley the Canal passes over the River Trent on a notable aqueduct.

Didn't take any pics at Great Haywood for some reasons - probably too busy with water tank replenishment operation. Better take some on the way back.

Not sure where exactly the two pics below were taken.

The village of Weston offers proof that the solar revolution has well and truly reached Britain.

Found a nice overnight spot at the other end of Weston, with 'chicken entertainment' provided in the garden and field opposite.